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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


the fact that VK girls LOVE to be treated like dirt is well known to most people. i even dedicated an article on page 25 to elaborate this point. besides, if you don't treat them like dirt you won't have a chance with them anyways; they will ditch you and move on to a guy that is willing to treat them like dirt. the nicer you are, the less they will want to have sex with you, and the more they'll want to be your friend so they can take advantage of you.

i don't see why any reason why a guy has to feel guilty for using VK girls for sex. remember guys, for any given VK girl, before you come into her life, she had ALREADY victimized many, many naive, unsuspecting guys before you and she will probably do the same thing to you. the moment she realizes that the fish (you) has taken the bait, she will start taking advantage of you INSTANTLY. of course they won't ask you to give them money directly but they'll drop hints such as:

1) talk about how much they want this new $500 Nokia phone but can't afford it. they expect you to feel sorry for them and buy it for them.

2) whine non-stop about their beat up car which breaks down 10 times a month and hope you'll get tired of her whining and help her buy a new one with some of your money.

3) talk about how cheap her ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands were. she wants you to know she hates guys who don't spend lots and lots of money on her - suggesting that if you are not willing to spend money on her you won't have a chance with her.

4) talk about how much she hates eating at inexpensive restaurants.

5) talk about how her ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands or her daddy treated her like a princess, giving her anything she wanted.

you get the point. all of the above are said with one and one purpose alone: she wants you to spend MORE money on her.

if you have only a few dates with a VK girl and she starts talking about financial problems then it's time to plan your exit strategies. you bang her a few more times then RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN. if a girl truly likes you she will never tell you about her financial problems because a) she doesn't want you to worry, b) she doesn't want to make you feel obligated to help her and c) she would not take your money anyways.

therefore, it is IMPERATIVE that you dump VK girls before you develop an attachment to these women. by doing this, not only will you protect yourself, your pride, you wallet but you will also do humanity a favor - you are punishing the ho's for scamming your fellow VK men.

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